K-Limited Carrier // Barb Herman Surprised with NEW Truck // Findlay, Ohio // Peterbilt

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K-Limited Carrier // Barb Herman Surprised with NEW Truck // Findlay, Ohio // Peterbilt

Yesterday we had a great time out at Peterbilt in Findlay, Ohio. We were contracted by K-Limited Carrier Ltd. of Toledo to photograph a surprise truck unveiling for a local tank truck driver. Whenever we’re getting ready to leave to go photograph someone my kids usually ask who we’re taking pictures of. When I told my son I was taking pictures of a truck his eyes got huge and he exclaimed “A TRUCK!” He was pretty excited. And so was I!

Barb Herman recently was named the 2018-2019 National Tank Truck Carriers’ (NTTC) Professional Tank Truck Driver of the Year Grand Champion at the 71st Annual Conference & Exhibits in Las Vegas, Nevada. She is the first woman to receive the award and she’s from Toledo, Ohio. She drives for K-Limited Carrier Ltd. of Toledo. Barb has been driving trucks for 34 years and has spent the last 10 years with K-Limited Carrier. She can boast “two million accident free miles in her career, and 750,000 safe miles of driving with K-Limited. She’s also a six-time winner of K-Limited’s certificate of excellence.” [https://www.bulktransporter.com/tank-fleets/barbara-herman-named-nttc-professional-tank-truck-driver-year]. 

She was surprised with a brand new truck for her to drive for K-Limited under the premise of picking up parts and attending a safety meeting! We had a chance to chat with Barb briefly. She hauls loads all over the United States. A company in Georgia where she makes deliveries always tries to get her to join them. They need more women in the truck driving business, where women are rarely seen. This is further proof Barb is a rarity, but she says she loves K-Limited Carrier and won’t leave them for anything.

Barb is special lady and it was such an amazing experience to see her excitement, pure joy and happiness as she realized she was getting a brand new truck with her name on it! Barb said not many things make her shed tears these days but getting a new truck brought some tears to her eyes. She spent too many years with a frown on her face and she likes to smile at everybody and when she sees someone else sad, she makes sure she spreads the smiles. And she has a beautiful smile at that! Congratulations, Barb and thank you, K-Limited Carrier Ltd. for the amazing opportunity! 

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